like what the fuck? do i have a vitamin deficiency? am i a peach?

i feel like i’m always healing. and i don’t mean that in a ~*~namaste~*~ kind of way. i mean that lately i’ve felt like there’s always some ailment i’m waiting to get over. either i pulled my neck or i bruised my hip or i burned the roof of my mouth or whatever. i’m never at 100% and it’s exhausting. 

i’m covered in bruises and zits and there’s a scab on my lip from where i accidentally bit it and i feel like i look like a meth head and i don’t want to go to work and have people look at me

just get married already

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Rachel Leigh Cook & Shane West, 2000

this is everything. 

Ignore the horrible lighting in this sublet and look at the new clothes I got!


i just watched the 2005 pride and prejudice FOR THE FIRST TIME and i am UNBELIEVABLY DELICATE ABOUT IT. i didn’t think i had it in me to care about regency era straights but HERE I AM, mascara stained and HIGHLY ATTACHED. when he flexed his hand after touching her i LITERALLY FELT GRAVITY ABANDON ME. 2005 was so long ago what have i been DOING that was MORE IMPORTANT THAN THIS MOVIE? NOTHING

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wow im just going to leave this here


Our Lady of Perpetual Yikes

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his big beautiful hair is killing me softly

he looks like a harry potter character here



File under “things we love.” Conor Oberst revisited “Lua” from 2004’s I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning, but this time he’s backed by First Aid Kit and Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes. The gorgeous rendition comes from a Cardinal Session recorded at Haldern Pop Festival.

Oh well, yes, a huh this will be haunting me all day. 

Thank you.

I’m not crying, you are crying. 


I started watching True Blood when the guy who plays Bill was cute, that’s how long I have suffered


sometimes i stress out because i’m chunky but then i realize i’m soft and nice to cudd/hug so it’s actually fine & great


Ryan Kwanten in Malibu, California (August 2014)

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She’s No One’s Idea of a Grandma | The New York Times

“I am definitely somebody who, at a party, sits on the side and has a long conversation with two people,” Susan Sarandon said. “I’m not a drinker, I’m more of a stoner.”

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